WordPress Reward Button Plugin Works Virally Like A Charm

“New WordPress Plugin Transforms Your Website, Squeeze Pages, Affiliate Offers & Fan Pages And Turns Them Into List Building Viral Reward Machines In 10 Minutes Or Less…

And The Best Part Is You Do Not Have To Be A WordPress Or Facebook ” Expert Or Geek” To Configure It!”

Just Watch The Video Below…

Reward Button is a unique WordPress Plugin that will make your website go viral and AUTOMATICALLY build your email list. Using the power of Twitter and Facebook, RewardButton has changed the entire dynamic of obtaining traffic.

Wordpress Reward Button Plugin

Just add a reward button and when users click on the Facebook icon, their confirmed email address automatically gets added to your email list and YOUR message and website link get posted to their wall. No more fake emails clogging up your list.

There are hundreds of millions of users on Facebook & Twitter who have a friends list or followers made up of people that they genuinely know and trust, people that they have already built up a relationship with. If only you could get some of these users to promote your website to their network, you would see a huge boost in traffic and list growth. Why? Because people listen to their friends. If your friend sends you an email with a link or a Facebook share, you are probably going to check it out, right?

The problem is, getting people to promote your website to their friends or followers can be difficult initially. Reward Button changes all of that. The principal of Reward Button is simple. You provide a free product to give away, this could be an ebook, mp3, software or anything. Anyone can download the free product, however the download only becomes active for users who have clicked the “Reward Button” to share your website link with their friends on Facebook or tweeted your website link to their followers on Twitter.

And guess what? When a friend or followers decides to come to your website to get their free gift, they have to click the Reward Button in the same way to access their download. Instant viral growth.

Effectively the free gift is the “reward” for the user promoting your website and everyone wins. Your users get a great free product. Their friends find out about a great free product that they would of probably never been aware of before and you get a titanic wave of traffic to your website.

The overwhelming majority of Internet Marketers are using the WordPress Platform and RewardButton integrates seamlessly as an easily installed plugin. This means you don’t need any coding experience to create your Reward Button, you can create as many Reward Buttons as you like and you can track all clicks and follow throughs in the administrator section of WordPress.


  • Create unlimited RewardButtons
  • Use them on your blog or on ANY website with built in iframe code
  • Let users send a tweet or post to their wall easily
  • can be used inside your Fan Page
  • Facebook integration means the user real, verified email gets added to your auto-responder!
  • Start a viral stampede of traffic as more and more people share the reward link and their friends click on it. Growth will be unprecedented.
  • Full video tutorials in the members area
  • Click tracking built in
  • Seperate integration with the bit.ly API so it automatically shortens URL’s and turns them into a bit.ly link
  • Use in pages, posts, flat HTML….wherever you want!
  • Uses oAuth 2.0
  • Use our own button designs with text or upload your own button! This can be any size, RewardButton will automatically resize to accomodate it. This puts a whole new twist on banners and download buttons
  • Edit all the messages that are tweeted or posted to Facebook
  • and loads more to be added soon!
  • Check out the license options below

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