New WP Plugin : Easily Place Your Ads on Your Site’s Background Like MSN!

How To Place Clickable Ads On Site’s Background

Fullscreen backgrounds are nothing new. Some big sites like MSN and other big guns has been using them for years as a high-impact, rich-media channel for reaching targeted audiences. They works because they stand out well.

This type of ad prevents site’s visitors from ad blindness caused by regular banner ads that we all used to see every day.They get attention and of course the rule of thumb is when you can get visitor’s attention, you can get them to take action.

Big Viral Ads – WordPress Plugin

I stumbled upon on this newly released plugin created by Tracy Meagher called Big Viral Ads (I don’t know why she called it like that) :). Anyways, yeah this is for WordPress blog so if you have one then this is the easiest solution to place your ads on the background like MSN.

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Here’s the gist of what this plugin can do: (very powerful actually! I’m amazed)

  • Use to send your affiliate links viral on facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Sell ad space on your blog, sponsored posts, categoies or pages
  • Bounce traffic back into your most important posts or pages
  • Run competitions and promotions
  • Drive viral traffic to your apps
  • Get your product or ebook shared all over the social media
  • Drive traffic to your opt-in page

Here’s the list of their main features


Visit Big Viral Ads Thread For More Info>>