Importance Of Date-Labeling Your Food

date labels for food

Before you make a purchase of any food item, no matter what it is or how it is contained, you will always be making sure that you will be checking the expiry and use-by date of your food item. Of course, it is human to forget sometimes, but upon realizing that you have purchased a stale item, you will always be well within your right to return that item and receive a replacement or your money back.

But it is a good customer service when the retailer insists on gifting you with one or two more complimentary items. If not that, you could be receiving a voucher or two to go with the purchase of your next food basket, all this to make up for the error of the retailer’s ways. Indeed, down the line, human error was involved. Nevertheless, you should be initiating the use of date labels for food in your own domestic industry.

This is good for health and hygienic reasons. Food that has been spoiled and is unfit for consumption may not necessarily give any physical appearances or smells that this is the case. The use of certain food spices, might be a good example. Product use advice is usually given in advance of using the product. And one piece of advice that should always be included will be when to use the product by. A good piece of advice given on the product label is when to use the contents by once the product container has been unsealed.

All food items have its limited shelf life, none more so than your fresh produce, most of which usually needs to be refrigerated. Appropriately compartmentalized, you could use your date labels for food in these frozen areas if you will.