How to Stage a Murder

Stage plays, especially ones written by the writers of the past, are a haven for murders and bloody fight scenes. Now, even murder mystery plays don’t just have the characters walk in on a corpse, but instead, we often see the murder victim meet his or her end.

Whether you are staging a set of murder mystery plays in cape coral, or just want to add some suspense to your next game of Clue, staging the murder is the best way to grab your audience’s attention and keep it in your grasp.

Stage combat is like magic, where it’s often what the audience doesn’t see that gets them. For anyone who has done stage combat before, it’s all about misdirection and making the fake seem real. The audience watching the play knows that a character didn’t just get punched or die on stage, but they are willing to believe it.

murder mystery plays in cape coral,

In addition, don’t be afraid to use some version of a real weapon. It’s often not a real thing, but a convincing look alike, such as plastic wrapped in silver or a dull blade that was once real. If the blade looks real then the audience will further buy into the trick.

Finally, the murder scenes are often high-intensity moments for both the actors and those who participate in them. Communication is key here, where the actors need to discuss what will happen in greater detail than normal, and learn both verbal and nonverbal cues to communicate with one another.

The reaction is also key, where how the victim reacts is almost as important as the fight itself. Having the victim shout, pull away, and use a blood pack to further sell the deception makes the audience feel the moment.

Murders are hard to get right on stage and require a lot of practice. But they also provide a ton of shock value for the audience.