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How Does Social Video Spark Works

How does Social Video Spark’s Facebook Timeline Ranking work?

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There are 4 main factors for facebook timeline visibility ranking algorithm, which give superior advantage by using combination of Social Video Spark and Facebook Native Video Player.

Facebook Native Video Player needs video file to be uploaded to facebook.

Factor 1: Facebook’s algorithm favours native video.


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Timeline rank visibility algorithm decides how often video is shown in timelines of other facebook users.

It means that video which is uploaded and hosted by facebook ranks higher in timeline rank visibility than video shared from youtube, vimeo or any external video player platform.

Factor 2: According to Facebook Earning Call, 65% video views happens on mobile devices. The only videos which autoplay on mobile devices are the videos which use Facebook native player.

It means that videos from Social Video Spark instantly have 65% more views.

Facebook’s algorithm timeline rank visibility also takes to account how often videos are viewed, liked and shared.

So having 65% more views by default boosts timeline visibility rank with not just number of views but with more chance to be liked and shared.

Factor 3: Social Video Spark makes it possible to immediately share each video uploaded to one selected page with all your other fan pages and groups.

It does not upload to every individual page but shares videos.

It means that each video has as many shares as the user has selected fanpages and groups from the start.

This way, the video instantly starts strong, and with 65% more views and chances to be liked and shared (because of mobile autoplay), it allows for way better weight in Facebook timeline rank visibility algorithm.

This translates to even more video views in other users’ timelines and way more traffic to website. On top of that, it helps create viral loops, which may short video to overdrive.

Factor 4: Freshness

We suggest to post new video every 1-2 days to keep momentum and traffic going. It takes 3 min of your time to do it with Social Video Spark.

Without this software, which does everything for you, you would have to do the following for EVERY video: find viral yotube video with CC BY license, download that video to your computer from youtube using some software, fire up your video editor and make new project, import your intro/outro & main content videos to your video editor, import watermark image to your video editor and place it in the right spot and duration on top of your content video, wait for video editor to render your final video, upload that video manually to facebook to 1 page, wait for facebook to render video, and then manually share to each and every fanpage and group that you have (and you want to have at least tens of those).It could easily take hours of your time to do exactly the same which could take you 3 min with Social Video Spark.

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Posted by gama - October 6, 2015 at 1:37 am

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How To Embed Youtube Video On Facebook with Clickable External Link and Branding.

Embedding External Clickable Elements On Videos Within Facebook

By default you cannot embed Youtube videos or any other videos on Facebook with clickable external link much more to add your logo on the video without editing it first.

Also, when you are using mobile browsers to watch embedded videos on Facebook, it will open to another browser or player to play the video. So, when you are promoting something let say your own product or affiliate promotion there’s so many hops before the audience can watch the video.

Here’s the Simple Hack To Get Around That.

Using a simple video player called VideoSkin, you can embed anything on videos hosted on Youtube, Metacafe, Amazon etc. And you can do this without even touching any complicated codes, just copy paste the video URL, add your link or images, save it grab the generated embed code and you are done in just under 1 minute.

  • You can embed Optin Form to collect emails
  • You can embed your company logo or any images
  • You can embed HTML code
  • You can add Like Gate, they need to like before they can continue to watch the video.
  • You can add redirect link, like after they watch the video it will redirect to other page.
  • You can even add popup on the video if you want.
  • And so much more.


The VideoSkin isn’t free though, but if you will be using it for your business it is worth buying, I have it and I am using it for video ads on Facebook for myself and my clients and I can tell you, it’s so powerful that even Facebook group admins can be tricked to let even you post a blatant video promotion on their page 🙂 usually you can’t post sales page on any FB groups as admins will surely hates you but with videos they tend to let it go.

Viral Effect Of The Video

What I like with VideoSkin is the fact that I could piggyback any popular videos on Youtube add my affiliate link on it or any other ninja tricks that you want to implement and let the people share it on their Facebook walls without breaking the code. Yes, any redirects or links you added on the video will be preserved even they share it anywhere, sweet! 🙂

Check VideoSkin Here for more information and see if it will fit for your needs.

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Posted by gama - January 4, 2014 at 8:21 am

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FASTEST Way to Drive Targeted Traffic For As Low As $0.002/Visitor

Media Buying Academy + My Best Bonuses

We all know that marketing strategies like SEO, Social Media, Viral, and Content Marketing can work….however they are SLOOOOW!

Which is why your email list AND media buys are the FASTEST ways of driving endless, targeted

Tap into a system that can deliver:

  • Better ROI than Facebook Ads,
  • Is easier than SEO
  • Drive targeted traffic for as little as $20-50
  • Less restrictive than Adwords and Facebook
  • that anyone can use, but kind of under the radar!

As you are reading this Media Buying Academy just went LIVE!

It’s the first instructional collaborative of its kind combining the talents, skills and knowledge of some of the top experts in media buying today.

Look at this Instructor Line-Up…

  • MIKE HARDENBROOK – Co-Founder,
  • MAX TEITELBAUM – Co-Founder,
  • JOSH WEXELBAUM – Founder,,
  • OLI GARDNER – Co-Founder,
  • RATKO VIDAKOVIC – Director of Marketing,
  • MYLES YOUNGER – Co-Founder,

Not a bad group of talen to learn from, right?

I was able to get early access and this is MBA quality, first-class training!

Revealed is how these big name online brands are generating $.004/visitor type traffic.  MBA also walks you through step-by-step…

  • Spying on your competitors
  • Creating a laser targeted demographic profile
  • Locating highly relevant traffic sources
  • Systemic evaluation of traffic sources
  • Running controlled network test buys and then scaling
  • Negotiating media buys for the lowest price and best terms
  • Creating banners with high CTR
  • Creating Landing Pages that Convert
  • Driving traffic to Landing Pages
  • Retargeting your visitors to raise your conversions
  • Tracking and Analytics of Ads and Landing Pages
  • Optimizing and repeating to scale-out your profits
  • Tips/Tricks/Resources for your Campaign

It’s the BEST Media Buying course I’ve seen to date.

Start Generating $.002/Visitor


Traffic My Media Buy Academy Bonus Package

Purchase through our link and receive this unique bonus package I put together that will help accelerate
your media buying campaigns…

Bonus #1: UNLIMITED Lifetime FREE Access to’s Real-Time Bidding & Retargetting Platform to Use it in Your ACTUAL Media Buying! – Real Value $147/Month

Run unlimited ads for a very low CPM cost across popular ad exchange platform such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google and much more.

Bonus #2: WP Ads Manager Unlimited Developers License – Real Value $129

Ultimate Ad Manager System For WordPress! Sell Adverting & track your stats  on your WordPress powered websites in autopilot using  this powerful self-service Advertising Plugin.


To Claim Your Bonuses:

Simply purchase through the link below.  Your bonuses will be delivered with your purchase inside JV Zoo.


Get Media Buying Academy Here



Gama Seva

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Finally, Social Media Local Marketing Automation WP Plugin


Local marketing just got easier with this automated social media tool

Have your local competitors already STOLEN all your customers? Get them BACK for keeps with this new WordPress plugin and unleash a tsunami of Social Media AUTHORITY!

Click Here To Read More[]

Local marketers know how important Social Media is but it takes time… That’s why I love automation and I know you will love this new tool from legendary marketer Sean Donahoe that:

  • Allows you to FULL CONTROL of all your Social Marketing campaigns
  • BROADCAST your expert AUTHORITY all across the Internet
  • Create Recurring, Scheduled and Broadcast Campaigns
  • Tap into Billions of customers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest on 100% Autopilot… 
  • Generate MASSIVE amounts of Traffic, Leads and NEW customers
  • Create compelling Social Media campaigns INSTANTLY
  • Expand and LOCK IN your customer base for GOOD!
  • Automatically DOMINATE all your chosen local markets

Best of all, its all wrapped up in one very simple to use WordPress plugin that can automated everything you need for Social Media…

Preview this plugin’s AWESOME features and get the low-down on its powerful local marketing capabilities!

Need leads from social media for your local marketing efforts? Read Here for More Information..[]


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Best Bonus for Social Deals Engine : Quick Quote Wizard Worth $130


Powerful Social Deals Engine + Quick Quote Wizard

Run Your Own Daily Deals on WordPress blog for as low as $30 one time investment!

Unlike other daily deals software, Social Deals Engine can be used for selling anything online:

  • Sell your own digital products
  • Sell your physical products
  • Run CPA offers
  • Affiliate marketing
  • List building
  • and much more..

And here’s the most powerful feature of Social Deals Engine:

No other Special Offer/ Deals plugin allows Visitors to your site to Share and decrease the price of the offer. As the Admin you can select how much each Social Share is worth for Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets, and Google +1?s. Get 3 Shares Per User and blast your way to Social Media Link Madness. Plus, with our Google Rich Snippet Integration, WP Social SEO Booster Integration, and Social Review Engine integration you can maximize your Deal’s effectiveness by 300%.


Because I love this plugin so much I was convinced to give away my newly developed Quick Quote Wizard software worth $130 fo FREE if you buy Social Deals Engine on my affiliate link.

Click Here To See My Bonus Offer (Very Limited Copies Only)


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Posted by gama - May 1, 2013 at 3:44 pm

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Super Offline WordPress Theme with 20 Different Skins

Local/Offline WordPress Themes

Look, I know there are a lot of different ways to make money offline these days, but selling (or giving away) beautiful SEO friendly, mobile-ready websites that capture leads and make the cash register “sing” is STILL one of the best money makers there is.

Here’s why…

MASSIVE MARKET: There are thousands of potential clients out there. Even the ones who already have a website need a better one.

MONTHLY INCOME: Managing websites for clients can easily turn into a monthly income… even if you just charge $10 for each client, that can quickly add up.

UPSELL HEAVEN: Just think of all the other stuff you can sell to clients once they have a new website from you. That’s why so many people actually GIVE AWAY the website, just to get their foot in the door with clients and upsell them like crazy.

Problem is, creating websites that look good and attract leads isn’t easy, especially if you’re not a coder or designer.

That is, until now…


No more coding, design, planning, or learning. This is how you truly crush it with this “evergreen” offline service, even in 2013, 2014 and 2015…

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WPSocialZon – Make Your Amazon Affiliate Link Viral In Just 38 Seconds!


If you’re fond of full fledged UNIQUE, pre-selling content then this is a superb WordPress plugin that you’ll love to have in your marketing arsenal:

(Watch full video demonstration above!)

Visit the Thread Here To Purchase..

My review:

After spending a few minutes reading the instructions, I was able to set this up easily and the content was optimized in a snap.

There’s also a fantastic feature which gets social links and normal backlinks all on 100% auto-pilot.

Ricky also go ahead and reveals his simple method that he implemented while using this plugin to pour in money into his paypal account within 24 hours.

But I have to make a disclaimer here. These are exceptional results and you should be aware that there’s no magic button to making money online.

The plugin is great and does what it says. It’s a great tool that you’ll benefit for a very long time.

WP Social Zon should be seen as a software that will ENHANCE your business by saving you tons of time and money.

So if this is what you’re looking for, go ahead and get this plugin as it’s worth it. Hit the link below:

Visit the Thread Here To Purchase..


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New Autoblogging WordPress Theme – The Easiest Way To Rank High In Google…


After the dreaded Panda and Penguin updates the whole SEO game changed. The single biggest factor for ranking high is now your bounce rate. Loosely translated that means – the more time
people spend on your site, the more Google will think you are relevant to your keywords, and they will thus rank you higher.


See the Covert VideoPress in Action here..[..]

That’s why video is the king of online content today – people simple spend more time watching
videos than they do reading normal blog posts.

And with the brand new Covert VideoPress theme you can easily run your own video site (just
like Youtube) – and you can do it without ever having to create a single video yourself.


This is the ultimate shortcut to good rankings in Google – in fact… Covert VideoPress blogs rank higher in Google and gets more traffic than any blog on ANY
other WordPress theme I have ever used! And right now this new Covert VideoPress theme is available as a WSO, and it’s still dirt cheap.

However it is a dime sale, so the price does go up with every order!

I recommend that you check it out now – it’s really good – and you’d want to get
in before the price goes up!

Read more about Covert VideoPress here..[..]


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WordPress Live Chatting Plugin Powered By Twitter And Facebook

Instant Live Chat Room For Your Site – Integrated with Twitter & FaceBook!

If you ever thinking of connecting with your customers in real time through chatting on your very own website without busting your server resource then pay close attention.

I just came across this wickedly cool plugin for WordPress where you can actually host a live chat room both public or private on your blog in as easy as 123. The best thing is it is powered by the super powers Twitter and Facebook, you just simply stream your chat room on your blog and let these giant shoulder the heavy lifting. Watch the video below:


Read More Details About WPChatR>>


Here’s Few Things That Can You Do With A Chat Room.

  • A chat room to go along with your Live Webinar where your attendees can chat with you – and each other.
  • A chat room during a Product Launch to answer questions, live, from buyers
  • A chat room during a Live Seminar where your audience can give you live and instant feedback – AND all messages are posted on Twitter – for the world to see!
  • A Members-Only chat room – that you can also leave open and invite members to join and chat at any time
  • And much more

Here’s A Partial List Of WPChatR Powerful Functions

  • Powered by for a public chat room. Chat messages (“tweets”) will live on forever, on
  • Public messages are also archived on your own web site for visitors to see
  • Google loves and indexes tweets – so more Google Juice for your keyword (“hashtag”)
  • (Almost) Everyone has a twitter account – so no special signup required. Just jump in and start chatting, any time, from any WordPress page
  • Integrate with FaceBook for a fully private chat room
  • Everyone has a FaceBook account
  • Unlimited chat rooms
  • Unlimited chatters
  • Works like a dream with WordPress (true WordPress plugin)
  • Instantly ban users (by their twitter id’s or FB username) that don’t conform to your chat room rules
  • Or delete just individual messages without having to totally ban the chatter (say, if someone tries to sneak in an ad, or says something negative about you or another chatter)
  • Chatters can “Reply” reply to others’ messages (using the Twitter standard “@username” format or the FaceBook “username” format)
  • Auto-refresh every few seconds for each user, for instant, near real-time updates

Read More Details About WPChatR>>


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Posted by gama - August 14, 2012 at 6:28 pm

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Spin Rewriter: Advanced Article Spinning Software Generates 75% to 95% Uniqueness

The ULTIMATE Article Spinner!

“…the results are amazing! All articles are spun into millions of versions and they’re still easily readable, I can’t believe it…”

I am, quite frankly, STUNNED at what this software can do… You NEED to watch the video on this WSO (and that’s whether you have ANY interest in spinners or not.)

Read More About Spin Rewriter Software Here>>

Using advances in natural language processing from Stanford and Princeton scientists, this truly is a
BREAKTHROUGH– more powerful than ANY other spinner you’ve EVER seen.
It actually does something I’ve NEVER seen before in a spinner– it understands the MEANING of a word. Like, being able to tell BETWEEN the 7 different meanings of the word “can.”  (It knows when it’s being used as a verb OR a noun.)

And it CONTIUALLY learns and adapts.

It comes with ALL the things you’d expect in a spinner (and more)…

This is INCREDIBLY cool, and it’s awesome to see cutting-edge SCIENCE leveraged to create jaw-dropping software for Internet Marketers.

(You don’t see THAT very often.)

I can VIRTUALLY guarantee that your competitors will be using this — but TODAY you can get YOUR hands on it first…


Read More About Spin Rewriter Software Here>>




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New WP Plugin : Easily Place Your Ads on Your Site’s Background Like MSN!

How To Place Clickable Ads On Site’s Background

Fullscreen backgrounds are nothing new. Some big sites like MSN and other big guns has been using them for years as a high-impact, rich-media channel for reaching targeted audiences. They works because they stand out well.

This type of ad prevents site’s visitors from ad blindness caused by regular banner ads that we all used to see every day.They get attention and of course the rule of thumb is when you can get visitor’s attention, you can get them to take action.

Big Viral Ads – WordPress Plugin

I stumbled upon on this newly released plugin created by Tracy Meagher called Big Viral Ads (I don’t know why she called it like that) :). Anyways, yeah this is for WordPress blog so if you have one then this is the easiest solution to place your ads on the background like MSN.

Visit Big Viral Ads Thread For More Info>>

Here’s the gist of what this plugin can do: (very powerful actually! I’m amazed)

  • Use to send your affiliate links viral on facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Sell ad space on your blog, sponsored posts, categoies or pages
  • Bounce traffic back into your most important posts or pages
  • Run competitions and promotions
  • Drive viral traffic to your apps
  • Get your product or ebook shared all over the social media
  • Drive traffic to your opt-in page

Here’s the list of their main features


Visit Big Viral Ads Thread For More Info>>




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Posted by gama - May 3, 2012 at 1:38 pm

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Stupid Simple Viral Traffic In Minutes! Viral Share, Reward System and More!

Viral Traffic in Minutes! Do you Want?

If you’re an online marketer, you always need to generate consistent traffic to your site on a daily basis.

Once visitors arrive at your site, a percentage of them become your subscribers/leads.

This is called constant lead generation, and every successful business always have some kind of lead generation system in place.

The question is, do you have one?

If you don’t, you need to have one if you want your business to be successful. If you already have one, you could always improve on your current lead generation system. (hey, you can’t really get too much traffic, can’t you?)

Here’s where this viral marketing software comes in…

Premium Viral Magnet! More Info Here >>

This software automates your viral campaigns so that you get traffic day in and day out. However, I want to stress that this is NOT a magic, push-button solution. Push-button solutions do not exist. You still need to set it up the first time.

But with this software in your hands, generating new visitors to your site will become a semi-autopilot process and will make your life so much easier.

Go grab it now to bring in yet more traffic to your site!

Find out More About Premium Viral Magnet Here >>

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Posted by gama - March 19, 2012 at 3:08 am

Categories: Article Marketing, Blogging, Email marketing, Free Viral Reports, Free Web Promotion, Increase Your Traffic, Internet Marketing, Making a Hyper Responsive Opt Work, Making Money With Adwords, Marketing & Advertising, Marketing On The Internet?, Mobile Marketing, Monetization, niche marketing, Premium WordPress Plugin, Premium WordPress Themes, SEO SEO SEO, Social Network Marketing, Social networking Sites, Three Traffic Tactics that won't Cost You a Cent, To SEO or To PPC?, Viral e-Books, Viral Marketing, Wordpress Membership Plugin   Tags:

NEW PLUGIN : Create Unlimited Professional Looking WordPress Themes – No Programming Required

Here’s a very intuitive plugin that creates stunning WordPress Themes!

Yes, I’ll repeat, WordPress plugin that creates WordPress themes.

You install it to your regular blog and create unlimited professional looking WordPress themes without even knowing codes at all, just point and click, drag and drop and all those lazyness at its best!

Check out the demo video below:

Check Out the Full Details Here

One of the major and most powerful differences between the Website Weaver and Headway is that all your customization is done via the plugin, not via functions inside the theme itself.

So unlike what you might call “options based themes”, you don’t have a great big caboose of options code trailing along with your themes.

You create your theme and from that point on it will run independently and separately, just like a “regular” theme.

This is really important and powerful for a series of reasons.

1. The actual theme code is minimal and lightweight, which makes for great performance.

2. The theme doesn’t need to ask your database what options you have set, as everything is contained within the theme itself, which is again great for performance.

3. It becomes very easy to deploy a theme over and over again once you’ve created it. You just zip it up and you’re good to install it as you would any other theme.

4. You never have to use child themes, i.e. when you need two themes installed at once, which makes life a whole lot easier.

And the beauty of having the theme and the customization tool separate is you can come back any time, activate the Website Weaver plugin and continue making changes.

The editing interface itself as well as the way we work with layout is also quite different to Headway, or any other tool.

The “block stacking” approach of the Website Weaver is unique. Through being able to drag and drop each block, eg. your header, menus, footers and so on, you get a very simple method to create virtually any kind of layout you need.

There is a great big stack of other differences and unique features of the Weaver, but if I write them all out in this post I’ll be moving into “War and Peace” territory.

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Posted by gama - September 20, 2011 at 10:58 pm

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Embed Affiliate Links On Youtube Videos? Awesome Software For Affiliate Marketers Using Videos

Newsflash: You’re working waaaay too hard to make money online.

I mean think about it…

Aren’t you tired of writing articles, creating videos, building blogs… and BARELY making enough money to pay your internet bill?

Aren’t you sick of all the technical mumbo jumbo… the time sucking systems… the expensive start up costs… just to make your first few dollars as an affiliate?

Visit The Thread Of Viral Traffic Sniper Here If You Are In A Hurry!

SCREW THAT! There’s a much easier way to pull in “stealth cash” without all the hard work…

What if I told you there’s a way to make between $100 – $200 per day, without doing any of the usual crap you’re used to?

  • Without creating content
  • Without a website or hosting
  • Without paid advertising
  • Without any sales skills
  • Without providing services

Don’t worry, it’s totally legal and ethical.

However, this method is so cutting edge and sneaky, I’m gonna keep this low key (… in fact, I’m already thinking about shutting this offer down completely once I’ve reached my sales quota.)

However, this method is so cutting edge and sneaky, I’m gonna keep this low key (… in fact, I’m already thinking about shutting this offer down completely once I’ve reached my sales quota.)

For the past few months, I have been creating a peice of software that allows you to LEGALLY swipe other people’s Youtube videos and attach your own links directly under their video.

Which means you can share other people’s videos, and legally swipe their traffic when people click your links underneath.

And it gets even better, because…

  • You can repost these videos in forums that don’t usually allow advertising
  • You can share these videos on Facebook and let them go viral
  • You can send these videos to your email subscribers without being called a spammer

With this software, your links are attached to the Youtube video and made to look like the original Youtube links that people see… but they will never know it’s your own link!

Here’s the details:


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Posted by gama - September 20, 2011 at 3:25 am

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Google+1 : The Latest Technique in Getting a Wider Audience Online

Google+1 For SEO?

Advertisement is a big factor in business development. It entails giving your product or services the required amplification to a wider audience. This is true whether you run your business online or offline.

But the emerging results show that it is possible to get more audience online quicker than you can get offline. However, the important point here is on how to get a wider coverage while keeping cost at minimum level.

Google Social Network

A recent program launched by Google is set to make that happen especially for internet marketing. The Google +1 button is designed to provide a wider audience package for the online community. It works by allowing people to recommend your article or product to as many people they are connected to on the Google social network like Google Buzz.

This is one big secret that people may not have embraced yet. There are three key areas from whence it is possible to get more persons subscribing to your own network.

  1. Since the Google +1 button can be installed on your webpage, people who read and like your content can recommend it to others.  By clicking on the +1 button they provide your content with a vote of confidence. This appears on their Google profile so their contacts can see them. You know what that means, right? It helps you leverage on others to advertise your market to their close friends and relatives at no cost.
  2. One amazing fact is that Google +1 button will also be showing up on Google search results. This means that your page link on a search result can be +1d easily by searchers. Once it is done and their friends on their contact run a search on a related term, they will get to see your link being recommended by their friend. This will not make them second-guess your work. Since the recommendation is coming from a trusted friend they will definitely act fast.
  3. Another interesting revelation about the Google +1 button is that it will be appearing on the walls of those who +1d your page. Can you beat that? I mean this is the bomb. Now, imagine having your page +1d on the wall of another with over ten thousand subscribers? Or better still; appearing as a recommended blog on the profile of a celeb with a lot of friends on Google contact? Just think about it for a second. All those subscribed to the recommending page will have to see your page without you spending a dime on Google Adword. This will certainly bring about a wider coverage for your business in less than you ever thought.

One fact you must never forget is that you must have to present your page with something qualitative. It will go a long way to aid recommendations by your readers. Once they do your list will continue to grow exponentially.

Endeavour to learn more about your niche and keep your readers always in the knowing. As you give your full commitment to doing this your internet marketing business will take a giant leap. And that will lead to more money to help you achieve your life goals.

Learn More About Google+1 And Join the Discussion!

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How the Google +1 Button Works? Is It Better Than Facebook Likes?


Why Google +1? How Does It Work?

how the google+1 worksJust as it seems clear that the lion rules the jungle, Google is not leaving anything out in stamping its authority on the internet world. With many other programs marshalled out to make internet surfing and e-commerce delightsome, the launching of the Google +1 button is nothing short of a giant leap in the e-world.

The Google +1 button is more like Google’s version of the “like” button found on the most popular social network site, It takes the search engine into another level, while providing a perfect platform for internet marketers to reach out to more people.

To make use of the button you must first have to login to your Google profile. You can always sign up for a free account if you don’t have one. You can decide to make this profile accessible to the public, or you can make it private. By making it private, the +1 can serve as your online webpage memory bank.

Once your profile is open, the next thing is for you to opt-in for the Google +1 button. After you have done this you will begin to see a +1 at the right hand side of your search result. If you love what you see on your search result you can click the +1 to indicate so. Secondly, if you read an article on a webpage with the +1 button on it, you can click the button so your pals can get a hint.

Get A Premium Google +1 with Facebook Likes Plugin Here

Until now, people only recommended websites and search results by word of mouth. But the Google +1 is going to change all that. The change is that once you +1 a search result, web page, ad, or article, your friends who are connected to you on Google social networks will get to know about it. Also, when your friends do a search on Google for related search terms they will get a list of results with some of them coming from your recommended pages. This also applies to you. If your friend(s) recommended a page by doing a +1 on it, you will have them recommended to you when you do your search for related terms.


Just like facebook “like”, the results you +1 will be made available to all those within your Google network contacts. The result will be made visible to those you connect with on Gtalk chat list and Gmail.

See A live Sample : WP Tables – Premium Comparison Tables Creator

It will also cover for those on your Google Contact Group, which is otherwise known as “My Contacts” group, as well as those you follow on Google Buzz or Google Reader.In addition to seeing your +1’s when they do their searching, they will also see them on your Google profile too.

It is an amazing find and Google is on the move to make it hit the world. Google +1 button is another bang on social search. Internet marketers around the world are set to use this innovation to better their enterprise, while making sure contents on their website are worth recommending.




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70 Amazon Product Review Videos with Private Label Rights (PLR)

“Make Your Amazon Review Sites Come to LIFE And Explode Your Commissions By 3x At Least With The Same Amount of Traffic!”

If you are planning to promote Amazon products through affiliates then this package is a MUST HAVE… People are no longer reading long sales copy or long product descriptions nowadays. They will go to search engine and find video instead to watch from their mobile phones or computers. Now this is your chance to capitalize and actually profit from these people.

Watch the video below:

Get 70 Amazon Product Review Videos with PLR NOW!

Here’s the 70 Amazon Product Review Videos  included on this package.

Category 1: 3D TV

(Products: LG 47LX6500 HD LCD TV, Samsung UN55C8000 LED TV, Samsung UN40C7000 HDTV, Mitsubishi WD-60738 HDTV, Sony BRAVIA KDL40HX800 HDTV)

Category 2: Digital SLR Cameras

(Products: Canon EOS Rebel T2i, Fujifilm FinePix S1800, Nikon D3100 14.2MP, Nikon Coolpix L110, Kodak EasyShare Z981)

Category 3: Blue Ray Players

(Products: Sony BDP-S570 3D Blu-ray Disc Player, LG BD570 Network Blu-ray Disc Player, Panasonic DMP-BD85K Blu-Ray Disc Player, Philips BDP5012/F7 Blu-ray Disc Player, OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Disc Player)

Category 4: Flip Cameras

(Products: Flip UltraHD Video Camera, Flip MinoHD Video Camera, Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera, Coby 1.44-Inch LCD SNAPP Mini Camcorder/Camera, Coby 2.4-Inch LCD SNAPP Swivel Camcorder/Camera)

Category 5: Gaming Consoles

(Products: Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect, Wii Hardware Bundle, PlayStation 3 320 GB Move Bundle, DSi XL Bundle, PSP Go)

Category 6: Golf Clubs

(Products: Top-Flite XL 13-Piece Complete Golf Club Set, Callaway Diablo Edge Men’s Golf Driver, TaylorMade Burner Plus Irons 4-AW, Callaway Golf Solaire 14-Piece Complete Club Set, Wilson Ultra Men’s Right-Hand Golf Package Set)

Category 7: MP3 Players

(Products: Apple iPod nano 16 GB, Apple iPod touch 32 GB, Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB, Coby 4 GB Video MP3 Player, SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player)

Category 8: Fitness Supplements

(Products: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder, USP Labs Jack3d, Universal Animal Pak, BSN True-Mass Ultra-Premium AM to PM Lean Mass Gainer)

Category 9: Games

(Products: Dance Central, Just Dance 2, Kinect Sports, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel)

Category 10: Kitchen Appliances

(Products: Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, Hamilton Beach 33967 Programmable Slow Cooker, Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick Hand Blender, Aroma AWK-115S Cordless Water Kettle, KitchenAid K45SS Stand Mixer)

Category 11: Laptops

(Products: Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096, Samsung Q430, Apple MacBook Pro, Asus A52F-XE2, Lenovo G550 Series 2958XFU)

Category 12: Speakers

(Products: Harman Kardon Soundsticks III, JBL Creature III, Logitech Z305, Logitech Z623, Logitech Z-2300)

Category 13: Watches

(Products: Timex T5G971 Sports Personal Heart Rate Monitor Watch, Casio Men’s DW9052-1V G-Shock Watch, Invicta Women’s 5377 Square Angel Diamond Watch, Timex Men’s T5E231 Ironman 100-Lap FLIX System Watch, Casio Men’s PAS400B-5V Pathfinder Watch)

Category 14: Fitness Products

(Products: Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set, P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program, Shake Weight for Men Dumbbell, Insanity: The Ultimate Cardio Workout and Fitness DVD Program, Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells)

Product Review Video Samples below:

Sample 1

Sample 2


Get 70 Amazon Product Review Videos with PLR NOW!

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WordPress Reward Button Plugin Works Virally Like A Charm

“New WordPress Plugin Transforms Your Website, Squeeze Pages, Affiliate Offers & Fan Pages And Turns Them Into List Building Viral Reward Machines In 10 Minutes Or Less…

And The Best Part Is You Do Not Have To Be A WordPress Or Facebook ” Expert Or Geek” To Configure It!”

Just Watch The Video Below…

Reward Button is a unique WordPress Plugin that will make your website go viral and AUTOMATICALLY build your email list. Using the power of Twitter and Facebook, RewardButton has changed the entire dynamic of obtaining traffic.

Wordpress Reward Button Plugin

Just add a reward button and when users click on the Facebook icon, their confirmed email address automatically gets added to your email list and YOUR message and website link get posted to their wall. No more fake emails clogging up your list.

There are hundreds of millions of users on Facebook & Twitter who have a friends list or followers made up of people that they genuinely know and trust, people that they have already built up a relationship with. If only you could get some of these users to promote your website to their network, you would see a huge boost in traffic and list growth. Why? Because people listen to their friends. If your friend sends you an email with a link or a Facebook share, you are probably going to check it out, right?

The problem is, getting people to promote your website to their friends or followers can be difficult initially. Reward Button changes all of that. The principal of Reward Button is simple. You provide a free product to give away, this could be an ebook, mp3, software or anything. Anyone can download the free product, however the download only becomes active for users who have clicked the “Reward Button” to share your website link with their friends on Facebook or tweeted your website link to their followers on Twitter.

And guess what? When a friend or followers decides to come to your website to get their free gift, they have to click the Reward Button in the same way to access their download. Instant viral growth.

Effectively the free gift is the “reward” for the user promoting your website and everyone wins. Your users get a great free product. Their friends find out about a great free product that they would of probably never been aware of before and you get a titanic wave of traffic to your website.

The overwhelming majority of Internet Marketers are using the WordPress Platform and RewardButton integrates seamlessly as an easily installed plugin. This means you don’t need any coding experience to create your Reward Button, you can create as many Reward Buttons as you like and you can track all clicks and follow throughs in the administrator section of WordPress.


  • Create unlimited RewardButtons
  • Use them on your blog or on ANY website with built in iframe code
  • Let users send a tweet or post to their wall easily
  • can be used inside your Fan Page
  • Facebook integration means the user real, verified email gets added to your auto-responder!
  • Start a viral stampede of traffic as more and more people share the reward link and their friends click on it. Growth will be unprecedented.
  • Full video tutorials in the members area
  • Click tracking built in
  • Seperate integration with the API so it automatically shortens URL’s and turns them into a link
  • Use in pages, posts, flat HTML….wherever you want!
  • Uses oAuth 2.0
  • Use our own button designs with text or upload your own button! This can be any size, RewardButton will automatically resize to accomodate it. This puts a whole new twist on banners and download buttons
  • Edit all the messages that are tweeted or posted to Facebook
  • and loads more to be added soon!
  • Check out the license options below

Get WordPress Reward Button Plugin For Unlimited Use Now!

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WordPress Blog Manager – Create & Manage All Your WP Blogs in One Place.

WordPress Blog Manager You Can Now Create & Manage ALL Your WordPress Blogs Wherever They Were All In One Central Command Center!

Here Are Some Of The Highlights of this WordPress Blog Manager

It’s a blog creator:
There have been “blog creators” before. They all depended on a master database. WordPress Blog Manager creates the hosting account through WHM and a unique database and user for each WP install. Some of the best of these tools were total “B.L.A.C.K HAT. They are all gone – and it’s because it didn’t work. You can churn and burn forever and not get burnt out yourself. You need a mix of good content and money making content. Just depending on one or the other doesn’t work. This mix works!

Wordpress Blog Manager
It’s a blog poster:
There have been other ‘blog managers” before. They all only let you post content to a blog at a time. You still have to write every single post by hand and hit submit. Other automated posters only grabbed generated content and posted on schedule. If you’ve been around long enough I’m sure you’ve done a few sites like that – – they don’t last. To do automation right you need a little manual TLC now. It’s just how it is. We’ve addressed that.

It’s a content manager:
WordPress Blog Manager works off a tag based system. Every item of content is tagged with words. Blogs are tagged with words. When you post, you are posting based on a tag. You can post all content tagged with a word, to all blogs tagged with a word for example. Or you can just post single items.

It will work on WP blogs that it did not create on different hosts and servers. They just need the xmlrpc setting checked under writing.

It’s an importer:
Wordpress Blog Manager imports amazon, ebay, and rss feeds based on keywords you define. You can also enter normal articles, content snippets (think of them like resources boxes, ads, html, javascript, etc… ) and spintax articles you enter into the system. Other importers are in the works (datafeeds, commission junction, and others).

And there more features lined up for the next upgrade!

Find out more about WordPress Blog Manager.

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FaceBook Secret Ad Training : Forget Everything You’ve Learned About FaceBook Marketing

Are YOU Ready To Dominate FaceBook?

FaceBook, the fastest growing and largest Social Network in the world is poised to surpass ONE BILLION members. Are you ready to tap into this massive market? Chances are you’re not…chances are you realize the potential and have already tried to crack that market but failed.

If you follow the conventional training that’s out there you WILL fail. Discover How To crack FaceBook…Click here Now…


Armand Morin has just released a brand new System called “FAST” (FaceBook Ad Secret Training). This Secret system flies in the face of all the conventional malarkey you’ve seen and heard out there.

Armand has developed, tested and proven this system… he’s so sure of it that he guarantees it! Generate 5,000, 10,000 or even 25,000 New Fans… IN JUST A FEW SHORT DAYS WITH THIS TRAINING!

Don’t Be Left Out…Click Here and Watch the Free Video Now…

Facebook Advertising training video

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