Solo Ads Campaign: A Cost Effective Marketing Strategy


Solo advertisements can be put in numerous websites such as task sites, e zines or electronic journals, and email sites. The person has to make use of all the possible sites readily available to reach as many individuals as possible and to obtain the message across. Web sites experience fads. If one is experiencing slower efficiency, the person can add new factors to the website which would certainly also mean making some renovations in ones solo advertisement.


Safelist solo advertisements are a bit various. A safelist is an e-mail exchange. Everybody that subscribes accepts check out email messages for their message being checked out. Readers click a special hyperlink within the email to prove that they have actually checked out the message, so they can obtain credit report. The even more messages you check out, the even more folks you can arbitrarily send to. Nevertheless, if you pay for a solo advertisement you can usually pick how many folks will certainly get it, or (at the highest level) have it sent to everybody participating in the safelist.

The solo advertisements are one of the most reliable ezine advertisements but are also one of the most pricey ezine advertisements. Then the top enroller advertisements are less reliable and cheaper, and at the end come the classified ads that are the most inexpensive ezine advertisements. Putting your solo advertisements in poor quality newsletters or ezines is a complete wild-goose chase, effort and cash. You will certainly not get your advertisements check out while doing so.


One method is making use of free solo advertisements To discover these free solo advertisement firms, all you have to do is go to Google and write in Free Solo Advertisements into the browser.

If you want to pay for solo advertisements or promotions on ezine directory websites, then ensure you track all incoming traffic through your advertisements. Tracking your advertisements is really vital. You have to know just what advertisements are target oriented and bringing some income and which ones are costing high for your project. You will certainly need a capture web page to run solo advertisements, so you can supply that associated with the solo advertisement supplier. You can choose a totally free capture web page developer, but you will ultimately want to choose a paid service for your capture pages.


One of the most reliable advertisement is the solo advertisement. Solo advertisements are emailed to all the clients all by themselves Many reliable and costlied higher considering that there is nothing else duplicate sent with the solo advertisement. Simply the marketers advertisement emailed to anywhere from 10,000 to 250,000 targeted folks. That is why ezine marketing is so reliable within the marketplace for selling the associate marketing possibility.

Generally, a solo advertisement is an e-mail advertisement. What you can do is to contact someone in your specific niche that has a big list of clients. You can negotiate a handle them and view whether they are willing to assist you sent a solo advertisement to their clients. By doing this, you can usually create a lot of leads that are really curious about your offer.

Keep in mind that the best means to send large solo advertisements, is to make use of the cash that you have actually made from the last solo advert. When you get it right, just keep cycling your cash upwards and reinvesting and the sky’s the limit.

So if you have actually been thinking about sending solo advertisements I highly recommend you try them out, but ensure you do proper testing on a little level just before going entirely mad at it. The primary advantage of solo advertisements in my opinion, is that you usually only have to send one or two just before you will certainly have a list huge enough that you will certainly not have to run more.

The next most convenient means to build your list is getting solo advertisements. You will certainly listen to combined evaluations on solo advertisements but they do still work. You will certainly want to contact the solo advertisement supplier through email or skype and view if they will certainly run your advertisement or hyperlink. If you have some cash in your budget you can check out Paid Solo Advertisements. These Solo Advertisements go to even more responsive lists, so you should be able to get a lot even more clients using them.


Unlike other marketers that have actually learned just how efficiently write solo advertisements the hard way, you now have the chance of learning ways to write these advertisements to make them work efficiently for you and your company.

If you are just starting in online marketing I really think Solo Advertisements are a need to boosting you company and kick begins creating your own individual list.

I do have one last word of caution just before you proceed with sending solo advertisements and developing your list. Make absolutely sure that your vehicle responder firm has the best rates readily available, when your list expands big. You may have signed up with an automobile responder firm, considering that they were the most inexpensive and best worth. Nevertheless I urge you to check just what their costs will certainly be if you have 20,000 to 30,000 clients. Some autoresponder firm’s can be unbelievably pricey when your subscriber count surmounts a certain factor, so just ensure you have the best deal readily available just before being stuck to an extremely pricey list. Obviously you would certainly still profit extremely from your list, but it’s always far better to obtain the best deal readily available to you.

If you discover that in 10 folks that view your offer subscribe then you know that sending solo advertisements to 100,000 folks will probably build you a list of 10,000 folks. Obviously this is a big advantage if you can make it take place, but the reason you examine your advert initially is to ensure you don’t squander your cash. Take into consideration if your conversion price was absolutely no, then it would not matter if you sent your solo advertisements out to 50 million folks, as you still would certainly not get a solitary subscribe.

Ezine websites provides various types of marketing lists for their clients. You can get solo advertisements from them. Your advertisement that visiting sent to the list of clients called as solo advertisements. A solo advertisement is usually expensive means than noting your advertisement on the ezine websites.

Ezine advertisement exchange You can joint venture with other publishers and exchange advertisements with them for solo advertisements or classified advertisements. Some companions will certainly also trade ezine posts with you. Merely be sure that the JV benefits both folks just before approaching publishers with your offer.

A top enroller advertisement is part of a normal concern of an ezine, and besides your advertisement the ezine contains also other info. That’s why the solo advertisements are far better than the top enroller advertisements. For instance, if you’re searching for branding your item or company, then you don’t have to invest a lot of cash on pricey solo advertisements distributed to numerous readers.


Another example: if you’re not quickly and you can manage to be client, then there is no have to invest cash on solo advertisements. Several ezines publishers archive online the normal issues of their ezines. Because of this simple fact, your advertisement can be discovered also after several years by an individual that is searching for something pertaining to just what you marketed. The online search engine will certainly help free for you.

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How To Embed Youtube Video On Facebook with Clickable External Link and Branding.

Embedding External Clickable Elements On Videos Within Facebook

By default you cannot embed Youtube videos or any other videos on Facebook with clickable external link much more to add your logo on the video without editing it first.

Also, when you are using mobile browsers to watch embedded videos on Facebook, it will open to another browser or player to play the video. So, when you are promoting something let say your own product or affiliate promotion there’s so many hops before the audience can watch the video.

Here’s the Simple Hack To Get Around That.

Using a simple video player called VideoSkin, you can embed anything on videos hosted on Youtube, Metacafe, Amazon etc. And you can do this without even touching any complicated codes, just copy paste the video URL, add your link or images, save it grab the generated embed code and you are done in just under 1 minute.

  • You can embed Optin Form to collect emails
  • You can embed your company logo or any images
  • You can embed HTML code
  • You can add Like Gate, they need to like before they can continue to watch the video.
  • You can add redirect link, like after they watch the video it will redirect to other page.
  • You can even add popup on the video if you want.
  • And so much more.


The VideoSkin isn’t free though, but if you will be using it for your business it is worth buying, I have it and I am using it for video ads on Facebook for myself and my clients and I can tell you, it’s so powerful that even Facebook group admins can be tricked to let even you post a blatant video promotion on their page 🙂 usually you can’t post sales page on any FB groups as admins will surely hates you but with videos they tend to let it go.

Viral Effect Of The Video

What I like with VideoSkin is the fact that I could piggyback any popular videos on Youtube add my affiliate link on it or any other ninja tricks that you want to implement and let the people share it on their Facebook walls without breaking the code. Yes, any redirects or links you added on the video will be preserved even they share it anywhere, sweet! 🙂

Check VideoSkin Here for more information and see if it will fit for your needs.

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Social Curator Lockdown – NEW PLUGIN Turns Your Site Into A Traffic Dashboard


Amazing NEW PLUGIN Turns Your Site Into A Traffic Dashboard Allowing Google & Facebook to Stream Thousands of FREE Targeted Visitors To Your Website!

…and Everything is done for you on Complete AUTO-PILOT!

Watch the magic below!


Read the Full Details Here>>


Here’s Why This Plugin is A MUST HAVE for ALL your WordPress Sites…

  • CURATE relevant discussions from Twitter & Facebook for any keyword or topic you want – Google is madly in love with social curation!
  • CONNECT TO THE AUTHORITY SITES in your niche by curating the hottest and trending topics to become the center of focus (go to guy) in your niche.
  • Build Instant Authority with Google and drive free targeted traffic to your site without ever building a single backlink yourself!
  • Use our never seen before Advanced Video Hover Locking effect to drive your visitors wild and have them sending FREE TARGETED VIRAL TRAFFIC all day everyday.
  • Unleash the entire sensitive content locking technology that typically FORCES your visitors to send you a TON of targeted viral traffic, increase your social buzz and build high quality & relevant social backlinks to your site on demand.
  • Use the SC feature in the plugin to increase click-thru rate, boost reader’s confidence for increased conversions (you make more money) and trigger a snowball viral sharing on your site (you get even more targeted traffic).
  • ADVANCED & SPECIAL: The Traffic Control Feature – with this never seen before feature in the plugin, you can literally control where to forward your traffic for maximum profit, you can forward it to CPA offers, squeeze pages, any of your sites/posts, your sales page etc. (WARNING: this feature is not seen elsewhere)!
  • THIS IS AN UNLIMITED SITE LICENSE.. so you can install this plugin on any number of your personal sites.


Read the Full Details Here>>



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WPSocialZon – Make Your Amazon Affiliate Link Viral In Just 38 Seconds!


If you’re fond of full fledged UNIQUE, pre-selling content then this is a superb WordPress plugin that you’ll love to have in your marketing arsenal:

(Watch full video demonstration above!)

Visit the Thread Here To Purchase..

My review:

After spending a few minutes reading the instructions, I was able to set this up easily and the content was optimized in a snap.

There’s also a fantastic feature which gets social links and normal backlinks all on 100% auto-pilot.

Ricky also go ahead and reveals his simple method that he implemented while using this plugin to pour in money into his paypal account within 24 hours.

But I have to make a disclaimer here. These are exceptional results and you should be aware that there’s no magic button to making money online.

The plugin is great and does what it says. It’s a great tool that you’ll benefit for a very long time.

WP Social Zon should be seen as a software that will ENHANCE your business by saving you tons of time and money.

So if this is what you’re looking for, go ahead and get this plugin as it’s worth it. Hit the link below:

Visit the Thread Here To Purchase..


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Categories: Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, Banner Advertising, Become Super Affiliate, For Sale, General, Marketing & Advertising, Marketing On The Internet?, Monetization, niche marketing, SEO SEO SEO, Social Network Marketing, Social networking Sites, Three Traffic Tactics that won't Cost You a Cent, To SEO or To PPC?, Viral Marketing   Tags:

Is Google Penalizing Spun Content? If So Then Use This Magic Content Spinner!



Magic Tool To Generate High Quality Contents.


A few days ago, I was reading an article about the SEO rules for 2013. It was a great article. I’ve made some notes and bookmarked it – I may want to read it again someday.

However, there was one thing that I didn’t like. They claimed that spun content is dead. From now on, they said, you should manually rewrite *ALL* your articles. Is this the end of the internet marketing?!

Not for me. I need TONS of content every day. I publish it on my 100+ websites. I make support sites. I love creating web 2.0 sites. It’s simply impossible to manually write that much content. Day in and day out.

Luckily, the author of the article is wrong. It’s true that *poorly* spun content is dead. Google can detect it. Nothing new here.

But, if the content is spun with the ENL semantic spinning algorithm, Google can’t detect it. Why? Because it looks just like a native speaker had rewritten it. Here is an example of ENL algorithm’s work:

John can relax and read a book because his kids can book the vacation for him.
Once it’s booked, he will enjoy an excellent movie and drink wine, beer, or whiskey.

Since his kids can easily schedule the vacation for him, John can read a book and unwind.
He will definitely enjoy an impressive film and drink draught beer, whiskey, or red wine once it’s reserved.

Because his children can easily reserve the holiday for him, John is able to flip through a novel and rest.

As soon as it’s reserved, he is going to enjoy an outstanding movie and drink red or white wine, scotch, or draught beer.

John can flip through a novel and rest since his kids are able to schedule the getaway for him.
When it’s set up, he will enjoy a superb movie and drink scotch, red wine, or draught beer.

No Copyscape issues. No duplicate content penalty. Completely readable. FREE of charge. Without any work. All thanks to Spin Rewriter.

So, what’s the magic tool? The guys over at Spin Rewriter have just launched version 3.0. With even more great features. You may want to take a look at the video below:

Learn More About SpinRewriter>>


I’m using it every day. It helps me generate more than 200 unique articles every day. In just 10 minutes. At no cost. You should try it, it comes costs less than 10 manually written articles.

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WP Plugin That Forces Your Visitors To Click On Your Ads!


We all know that blogging is one of the most effective ways to generate free targeted traffic – Google just loves WordPress blogs. But at the same time it can be very hard to monetize all the Google love.

In most cases your blog visitors have gone completely “ad blind”. They’ve seen it all before – the Adsense, the banners, the optin forms etc. And they don’t click it anymore.

But I just found this cool new plug in that completely changes all that – by sucking your visitors in and literally forcing them to click on any link you want.

This amazing plug in is available as a WSO right now – but only for a limited time. It’s a dime sale, so you know the drill. It’s dirt cheap right now, but the price does go up with every sale.

I highly recommend that you check it out now and grab your own copy before the price goes up.

Find Out More About Covert Action Bar her..[..]



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WordPress Membership Plugin : Create Membership Site In Less than A Minute!

The Fastest Way To Build Membership Site

As I found to develop my niche websites, adding in recurring income stream, I found building membership sites to be extremely difficult. Seriously… it hurt my head just thinking about what i need to do. I was stuck and confused, uncertain about what software to use and overwhelmed with all the options available.

In the end, after reading all the reviews, I coughed up the hefty $300 price tag for a popular membership script.

Guess what?

I couldn’t even install it without help from the developers. I felt like a failure to boot.

And when I tried to learn how to use it everything way way too complicated and nothing seemed to work. Good thing I came across this bad ass plugin called Fast Member!

Meet The Bad Ass Membership Plugin

Read More About Fast Member Membership Plugin>>

Fast member is the quickest and easiest way to get your membership site up and running. With a host of powerful features you will never need to use another membership plugin again.


Read More About Fast Member Membership Plugin>>


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Most Powerful & Affordable AutoBlog Plugin with Multiple Streams Of Income

AutoBlog Plugin Creates Multiple Income Streams

This is one amazing plugin for WordPress.  It automates the entire process of your blog, but this is not your ordinary “auto-blog” software.  It is much more…

We’re talking YouTube videos, Flickr photos, eBay products, Amazon, PLR, RSS… all fully automated!

There are multiple streams of income packed inside this single plugin.

Click Here To Find Out More>>


WordPress Multisite Features

Automatically converts any WordPress 3.0+ installation into a WordPress Multisite Blog
Automatic content posting

  • Articles
  • Amazon Products
  • eBay Products
  • Flickr Images
  • RSS Feeds
  • Press Releases
  • Yahoo Answers
  • YouTube Videos
  • Commission Junction
  • Flickr images
  • Oodle Shopping
  • Your OWN PLR
  • ShopZilla
  • Twitter

Advanced Features

  • Scheduling Optimization – Simplified pseudo cron or cPanel cron implementation Post once a day or once an hour or less (Please follow our recommendations for best results) Integrated Support.
  • Support Forum monitored by customer service, programmers and management
  • Extensive Training – Support Forum has videos and Q&A on every component of the software
  • Simplified Licensing – Just enter your email address into the system for single domain, unlimited domain and upgraded licenses
  • Mass Site Creation -Build hundreds of sites by uploading one CSV file and letting the system do the work for you – Available on all licenses

Click Here To Find Out More>>

Advanced Options

  • Unique Article Poster and Library – upsell option – coming soon
  • The Link Network (TLN) Integration – An upsell backlinking system – coming soon
  • The Engagement Network (TEN) Integration – An upsell – coming soon


  1.  Massive targeted traffic
  2. The ability to build a lot of sites with minimal effort and time
  3. A variety of content to minimize posting footprint for enhanced SEO results
  4. Easy installation and responsive support
  5. Speed of implementation
  6. Quickly build passive income using our system
  7. No need to edit source code for WordPress sites to become Multisite WordPress sites

Definitely worth looking at, if that whole passive income thing appeals
to you 😉

Click Here To Find Out More>>

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Stupid Simple Viral Traffic In Minutes! Viral Share, Reward System and More!

Viral Traffic in Minutes! Do you Want?

If you’re an online marketer, you always need to generate consistent traffic to your site on a daily basis.

Once visitors arrive at your site, a percentage of them become your subscribers/leads.

This is called constant lead generation, and every successful business always have some kind of lead generation system in place.

The question is, do you have one?

If you don’t, you need to have one if you want your business to be successful. If you already have one, you could always improve on your current lead generation system. (hey, you can’t really get too much traffic, can’t you?)

Here’s where this viral marketing software comes in…

Premium Viral Magnet! More Info Here >>

This software automates your viral campaigns so that you get traffic day in and day out. However, I want to stress that this is NOT a magic, push-button solution. Push-button solutions do not exist. You still need to set it up the first time.

But with this software in your hands, generating new visitors to your site will become a semi-autopilot process and will make your life so much easier.

Go grab it now to bring in yet more traffic to your site!

Find out More About Premium Viral Magnet Here >>

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Categories: Article Marketing, Blogging, Email marketing, Free Viral Reports, Free Web Promotion, Increase Your Traffic, Internet Marketing, Making a Hyper Responsive Opt Work, Making Money With Adwords, Marketing & Advertising, Marketing On The Internet?, Mobile Marketing, Monetization, niche marketing, Premium WordPress Plugin, Premium WordPress Themes, SEO SEO SEO, Social Network Marketing, Social networking Sites, Three Traffic Tactics that won't Cost You a Cent, To SEO or To PPC?, Viral e-Books, Viral Marketing, Wordpress Membership Plugin   Tags:

New WordPress Plugin: WPiFramer – Increase Your Affiliate Sales & Search Engine Ranking!

Today, many people that are trying to gain the fastest top ten page rank are finding out that the WordPress platform offers the most direct route. Aside from being fairly easy to set up, this particular platform offers a wide range of tools that can be used to drive traffic as well as create an interactive website. The fact of the matter is that search engines Google in particular loves WordPress blogs.

That said, if you don’t use WordPress blog in conjunction with various powerful plugins, you will be missing out on all the best optimizations for your site.

The Biggest Challenges With WP Site

  • Difficult to Choose the Best Theme— Not all templates come with the same level of functionality or adaptability. For example, some may support nested menu bars, while others have no menu tree functionality. Even though newer versions of the WordPress platform offer more features, it can still be very complicated to sort these functions out from those provided by the theme.
  • Difficult to Choose the Best Plugins and Tools— Since many people are interested in expanding the functionality of their blog, it should come as no surprise that there are dozens, and at times hundreds of different plugins for a single task. It is not always easy to find the best plugins based on tags. Consider a situation where you are looking for a carousel plugin for the header. Under these circumstances, if the plug-in author used the term “slider”, you might never find the plug-in that will suit your needs unless you try a different term.

Other MenaceAffiliate Thieves

Once you launch an affiliate site, you may find that you are not making a dime, even though plenty of visitors are coming to your site. Unfortunately, there are a number of people that know how to take your hard work and create a situation where your backlinks generate cash for them instead. While most affiliate marketers do not know how to protect their site from this problem, it is truly the number one reason why most fail to make money.



See The LIVE Demo Here.

If you have older websites that aren’t generating traffic, or know that your backlinks are being stolen by affiliate thieves, WpiFramer can resolve these issues. All you will need to do is install this plug-in, and then add the URLs of the sites that you want framed within the newer page. You will never need to worry about making changes to the templates, let alone re-entering all your old information or trying to transport it from one site to another.

With WPiFramer, you can INSTANTLY frame your existing mini sites or squeeze pages directly to your blog literally in few clicks and take advantage all the powerful SEO functionality of WordPress platform has to offer.

Ok, I am ready to give this plug-in a try!

Now let’s take a look at inside of the WPiFramer backend!

SEO Benefits

  • Easily mix your iframed sites with your own unique contents to make search engines happy. Search engines loves new contents, with the power of WordPress you can easily add contents within your iframed pages or posts by simply using the content editor.
  • Easily rank your iframed pages or posts using the power of free WordPress SEO plugins by simply adding meta keywords, meta descriptions, titles etc. These are the very fundamentals of SEO yet you can easily ignore them when building mini sites because it involves looking at the codes. With WordPress, you can just fill in the blank of these meta’s without ever knowing html codes.
  • Take advantage of the ever growing collection of premium or free SEO plugins developed each day by SEO geniuses. SEO is dynamic game it changes often so, without the help of other people’s ingenuity you can easily get left out.

This Plugin Helps You Make Money

  • Protect Your Affiliate Links from Thieves— No matter whether an affiliate thief is the first person or the hundredth person to land on your site you can rest assured that you will never make another dime from it.
  • Value Added in the Cookie Dropper— If the person is interested in visiting the affiliate site enough times to buy, you certainly deserve the affiliate commissions that come your way when this cookie works on your behalf.
  • Display a triage of products instead of just one— In most cases, if you are going to build an affiliate site, you will want to offer a range of products. If you want to get the most out of each page, the ability to launch multiple frames is sure to be of benefit.

As wonderful as all these features are, there is nothing quite like a plug in such as WpiFramer that will virtually ensure your site will hit the top ten in Google search results.

I’m convinced. Book me for this plug in please.

With your purchase, you’re PROTECTED. We’ve had several TEST RUNS with this plug-in on our sites, and since we are so sure that it works your purchase will be protected against a no-questions-asked 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Send me the plug-in NOW!

If you are committed to making money online today, WpiFramer can boost your revenue. Beat the challenges and stash away cash from your WP sites. It’s that SIMPLE!! Add to that, we’ll be an email away should you need any help, anytime.

When you set up a Project on WordPress, you’re one step ahead in terms of making money. There sure are challenges, which this plug-in take care of on your behalf, allowing you to make LOADS of cash by creating a platform for your site to be recognized—by people and search engines alike.You may have wasted a lot of time with FREE plug-ins that don’t do what they are supposed to. Try this plug-in, and see the difference. Why waste time and money, and still wait on PROFITS to show up?

I’m good to go, please send me this Plug-in!






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Unique Turnkey Link Shortener Business with Video Overlays & More!

“The Ultimate Link Shortner and Affiliate Redirect System. Create Affiliate Power Links with Video Overlays and More” is Much More Than Just a URL Shortner. This is a Script for Your Own Link Directory, member Site and “Top 10, 25 or 50” Link Charts.

Far Too Many Features and Benefits To List In The Headline….Get Full Details Below…..

See The Full Details Of This Ultimate Link Shortener Here!

A full powered URL shortening service or your personal affiliate offer hub and link system – you decide (or use both!)

Presenting is a powerful application that lets you run ‘affiliate power links’ via your very own link redirect system – and also run a membership powered URL shortener/redirection service. Both of these uses for are powerful in their own right but this is the first product to combine both in this way. Check out the features below.

Everyone will find a use for!

  • Internet Marketers: create powerful links with pre-selling videos or reviews
  • Internet Marketers: create directories of all the affiliate offers you promote
  • Affiliate marketers: create links with high impact product review videos. For example, if you are promoting a product on Amazon you could have a video demonstrating the product or reading out some of the reviews. Endless possibilities
  • Online Training: send people to your application or website and have an FAQ or welcome video load first….all without modifying your own website. In fact, you can add a video or image
  • Membership sites: include information on your membership or special offers you may be running
  • Opt-in forms: add an opt-in form in the popover area, ask people for opt-ins no matter where you send them
  • Popularity sites: create a top 10 (or whatever you choose) list of the “best IM products” or the “best wordpress plugins” and watch the stats grow as they order by popularity. These top 10 lists are very popular.
  • Run your own link service: install the script and let other people create their own links via your system….and your branding (defined in the admin area) will appear in the popover as well. This can be anything: image, opt-in form….whatever you decide.
  • Offline marketers: offer your clients the service of having a special offer video appear on their website, without having to do any changes to their site. You just create their campaign and provide them with a link. This is a very high potential use for the product. You can even install it on client sites under the developer license.
  • Loads more uses! These are just some basic ideas of the top of my head, the uses for this are limitless.

Everything is powered from a simple to use admin area. You can define your own templates, brand outgoing links, send newsletter emails. This has so many uses I can’t think of them all here in 1 thread!

See The Full Details Of This Ultimate Link Shortener Here!








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Coupon Generator WordPress Plugin with QR Code Tags

You Can Easily Generate Coupons with QR Tags On Your Blog Site!

In October 2010, Yahoo was rumored to have offered over $3 billion to acquire Groupon. On November 30, 2010, it was reported that Google offered $5.3 billion with a $700 million earnout to acquire Groupon and was rejected on December 3, 2010.

The Wall Street Journal says Groupon is “projecting that the company is on pace to make $1 billion in sales faster than any other business, ever”.

You CAN too take a little piece of what Groupon has done, the little guy, can grab just a little piece of the billion dollar market.

Both online and offline marketers need to get in on the coupon craze…

This WordPress plugin can help you do just that by generating coupons with QR tags, redemption codes, the ability to limit the number of coupons used…
Even creating printable coupons (HUGE for offline businesses)
Check it out here:

WordPress Coupon Plugin With QR Tags, Printable Coupons, And Redemption Limiting (huge)…

FYI The term ‘coupon’ has been an expensive keyword to bid on,and from what I’ve seen the search volume and CPC keeps going up… That’s a great sign for this trend, it will be hot for a while!










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Posted by gama - October 20, 2011 at 2:13 pm

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Geo Targeting Contents and Ads With This Plugin – Super Hyper-local Marketing

Geo Targeting WordPress Plugin..

Ever see those adds that automatically put your location in them like “awesome product for residents of {you city}”?

I do a lot of advertising in a number of niches and EVERY test I have done, using Geo-Targeting has increased conversions!
Now I use it for affiliate marketing, especially CPA, but what if you offered you offline clients the same power?
My buddy Jameson just released a WordPress plugin that does just that: Auto-magically adds Geo-Targeting to any blog post or page…
Check out the video here to see how it works:

Geo-Targeting WordPress Software Increases Conversions Of Yours Or Your Clients Landing Pages

No one is offering this to local clients, it’s mostly the top CPA affiliates that are using this technology. If you ever need something unique to offer a local client, just look at ads driving you to CPA offers and landing pages. You can almost always pick up a trick or two that no one on the local scene
is doing 😉









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Posted by gama - October 13, 2011 at 3:12 pm

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WP Slide2See – Unique WordPress Plugin That Can Increase Your Ad Conversion Through the Roof!

WP Slide2See Plugin by Jay Brown

Does your blogs full of ads but doesn’t convert decently? (just my blog:)) Then you need to take a look at this new plugin created by my fellow Warrior Jay Brown.

You will for sure change the way you put your ads on your blogs but skyrocket your ads conversion rate! How? Well, just watch the video below for yourself.

Read The Full Thread Of WP Slide2See For More Details.

This is achieved through a unique process the WP Slide2See Plugin

The WP Slide2See Plugin will allow your ads and optin boxes to effectively
slip under your visitors “Ad Radar” keeping them on your site longer
until they actually interact with the content on the page triggering your ads,
offers, video, or subscribe boxes to appear dynamically within the content.

With the WP Slide2See Plugin you will be able to:

  • Get visitors to stick around on your blog 2x – 3x’s longer.
  • Instantly achieve higher ad conversion rates.
  • Build your list faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Energize your content with several dynamic interactive
    sliding elements.
  • Easily monetize your content with stealth advertising.

Read The Full Thread Of WP Slide2See For More Details.

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Posted by gama - August 3, 2011 at 6:34 pm

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WP Mail Ads – Send Your Ads Using WordPress Message Notification Automatically!

Put Your Message Directly Into
Untapped WordPress Emails That
People Are Almost Certain To Read”

Our Brand New Plugin Generates INSTANT
Messages, Links, Calls to Action and Promotions In EVERY EMail That Is Sent By WordPress.

Everyone is going to open and read a WordPress email that lists their login details. NEVER AGAIN Miss out on getting your OTO or message to people who forget to opt-in to your list. WP Mail Ads will ensure nobody misses out.

“NO Other WordPress Plugin Does What WP Mail Ads Does.
Put YOUR Message Directly into WordPress Emails That
People Are Almost Guaranteed To Read!”

Get You Copy Of WP MailAds Now!

Most people are familiar with wordpress and the different emails sent out by the system – you get an email for a new account, for a lost password, for comments etc…..not to mention all the other plugins that tie in with the WordPress email system. Think of all these emails going out to your customers and all they are getting is a boring WordPress system message.

They get it, look at it quickly and then go off and do their thing. The power here is, people almost ALWAYS read wordpress system emails because they usually contain important information. For example, if someone signs up for your site, they are going to want to read their username and password email, right?

WP Mail Ads Makes More of Your Customers See Your Message

With WP Mail Ads you can now add whatever message you want to the end of every message sent by your wordpress site. Just take a second and think of the opportunities here. You can use it to add links to related offers, add support messages, get people like your FB profile, sell advertising space….and loads more, all from the built in wordpress email system where people are automatically drawn to opening the emails

Consider this….

You have a website where people have user accounts. They often email you asking you how to do a, b or c. How easy would your life be if you could put a message in the first email they get from your system saying “For FAQ’s go here” or “Log a support ticket here”. This would easily reduce your support overhead and give you more time to concentrate on your projects.

How about if you have launched a new member site? You probably have a matching Facebook Fan Page. With WP Mail Ads you can put a message saying “Like our Fan Page to get a 10% discount coupon”….endless possibilities for cross promotion.

Now consider if you have made a website for a client. Add your own branded message to all the emails or even sell the WP Mail Ads setup as a service to your offline client. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are all sorts of clever uses for WP Mail Ads.


Here are some more to get you thinking:
Cross promote other sites, Link to affiliate products, Add a Follow me link for twitter/Facebook, Add a “Made by” message, Link to your product faq, add an Upsell offer, add an extra newsletter sub link, “Thanks for commenting” message, Add a custom signature, Add a link to your favourite post, Ask a question to encourage interaction, Add a survey link, Feature a users site, Top commentator of the month…..and these are just things I thought of in the last 5 minutes!

How many times do people get your opt-in message but don’t click to confirm their email? Now that doesn’t matter. Add your OTO link, message or offer to the bottom of the 1 email they have to read

WP Mail Ads gives you flexibility, visibility and opens up a previously hidden promotion channel that people are practically guaranteed to read!

Plugin Settings Page.

Get You Copy Of WP MailAds Now!

Get You Copy Of WP MailAds Now!

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Posted by gama - July 26, 2011 at 6:44 pm

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Best WordPress Review Theme? Probably It is…

THE BEST WordPress Review Themes For Any Affiliates Offers has just born ….

“Turn Your Ordinary WordPress Blog Into The Most Powerful Affiliate Review Sites in the next few minutes”

Without knowing anything about coding skill – and you’re ready to skyrocket your affiliate commission …


let see what you’ll get with Ultimate Review Themes (They say a picture is worth a thousand words…)

Best WordPress Review Theme

Download Best WordPress Review Theme Now!

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PPC Keyword Toolz – Ultimate PPC Management Software!

PPC Keyword Toolz – Ultimate PPC Management Software : Create a Winning AdWords Campaign in Less Than 2 Minutes!

PPC Keyword Toolz is a PPC Management tool for Pay Per Click Advertisement. Generate Google AdWords Campaigns with 1000s of AdGroups, Text Ads and Image Banner Ads in seconds! Your AdWords Campaigns are Razor Targeted, 100% Accurate Pay Per Click Adwords Campaigns.

Watch PPC Keyword Toolz in Action below:



Most people new to PPC Adwords and Pay Per Click Advertising create their campaigns incorrectly! This Pay Per Click Management Tool Will generate razor targeted Google Adwords campaigns!


SpeedPPC and Keyword RoskStar are great tools … BUT! They are very expensive AND charge a monthly fee! Most of my customers want to create high quality Google Adwords Campaigns with 1000s of keywords, 1000s of AdGroups and Ads with 1000s of auto generated image text banner ads quickly and that’s what PPC Keyword Toolz does extremely well! Don’t just take my word for it read what my customers are saying below! But watch all 6 videos to see the software in action!



There are many more expensive tools like SpeedPPC or AdGrenade. You’ll see that PPC Keyword Toolz is all you really need for a very affordable price. Besides you get a lifetime of updates for FREE! Plus my 100% – no questions asked – money back gaurantee! It’s a no brainer!
Watch Video 7: Professional Quality Keyword Tools to Clean, Group, Multiply, GEO Target and much more…

PPC Keyword Toolz Professional Quality Keyword Tools to Clean, Group, Multiply, GEO Target and much more …


Keyword List Cleaner:

Remove duplicate keywords, white spaces, sorting, upper case, lower case, find and replace text, prefix text, postfix text and much more. No need for Microsoft Excel!

Group Keywords:

Group your list of keywords into specific lists or groups by various filter options.

Keyword Mixer – Keyword Content Multiplier:

Create hundreds of combinations of keywords!

Keyword Match Type Generator:

Easily build Google “match type” keyword lists including negative keyword lists. The effective use match types will increase Click Through Rate (CTR) which inturn means a better Quality Score (QS), which leads to cheaper cost-per-click (CPC) and more targeted traffic.

Geographical Target Keywords:

The Geographical Keywords tool allows you to rapidly expand any of your keyword lists based upon geographical location. Target any Country / State / Province / City / Towns of the world and more. Plus create your own custom lists. This tool allows you to start doing what the super affiliates do everyday.

Long Tail Keywords:

This tool allows you to generate very large long tail keywords list of unique keyword phrases.

Keyword Typos:

You would be surprised how many people type in the wrong spellings for words. Super affiliates exploite this to their advantage and build huge lists of typo keywords. Now you can too! Use the Typo Generator Tool to manipulate your keyword list by generating all possible combinations of typographical errors for each word.

PPC ROI Calculator:

Use this Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator to estimate your potential Return On Investment of any of your campaigns.

Keyword Scraper:

This tool allows you to enter multiple website URLs and steal their complete keywords list in a single click! This is a very powerful way to build a huge targeted keywords list that your competitors are using on thier web sites!


PPC Keywrod Toolz

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Posted by gama - May 10, 2011 at 6:23 pm

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Ads Placement Locator – Place Your Ads Where Your Competitors Aren’t.

Ads Placement Locator – Place Your Ads Where Your Competitors Aren’t!

Ads Placement Locator locates red-hot, sniper targeted, high traffic adsense webpages where you can place your ads cheaply using Google Placement Targeting.

NOTE: Ads Placement Locator is nothing like Google placement tool. This locates high traffic webpages from the first (2) pages of Google, Bing & Yahoo for you to place your ads. You can set it to locate webpages from just the first page. Full 60-minute training video and support included.

Watch the video below and see the power of Ads Placement Locator Software!

Ads Placement LocatorOver 900 quality instant traffic sources in the database where you can place your ads cheaply. Advertise your products where your competitors aren’t…

Chose from PPC, PPV, CPA, Banner advertising, In-text or Contextual advertising, Mobile Marketing, Offline Advertising, Full page popups/pop under, Page redirects traffic, Cost per sale and Press releases sites etc…

Get traffic from the unusual places and out-perform your competition Using Ads Placement Locator Watch this.

Go to Ads Placement Locator for more information

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Mobile Marketing Toolkit – Turnkey Mobile Marketing in A Box!

Mobile Marketing Toolkit Package

“Mobile Internet Usage Will be a Boon to Consumers and Some Companies Will Likely Win Big (Potentially Very Big) While Many Will Wonder What Just Happened.”

Now, if you’re reading this post, and you’re serious about making a killing in mobile marketing, you know how incredible this offer really is.

“By the year 2014, there will be more mobile internet users, than there will be desktop internet users” – Morgan Stanley who helped developed NetScape in 1995 and Google in 2004.




Here’s what included on Mobile Marketing Toolkit Package :

  • My Personal Lead Generation Site
  • All Sales Letters
  • Sales Pamphlets
  • Sales Powerpoints
  • Phone Scripts
  • Contracts
  • “Start Up Niche List”
  • “HOW TO: Sell Mobile Websites Every Time” PDF
  • Videos on Editing the Templates
  • A Full Mobile Directory Template (Never before seen!)
  • “Mobile Monetization” PDF
  • And a Bunch More!

If you are in Mobile Marketing or simply want to get in on this hot niche then Mobile Marketing Toolkit is for you.

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Posted by gama - April 30, 2011 at 6:58 pm

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Create Nice Looking WordPress, Joomla & Drupal Theme In Less Than 5 Minutes!

blog theme generatorLooks like a hype, but boy… better be prepared not to get addicted to this very powerful PC based template generator called “Artisteer“.

If you are struggling with web design, HTML and all that.. Not anymore, I just found this point and click software that you can install it on your PC and crank out professionally created web template designs.

I personally tested it and got amazed with the result, why? coz I’m suck in creating even a simple web page… I always relying on my web guys when it comes to customizing my themes and despite of this handicap I was able to pump out professionally created WordPress theme in less than 5 minutes!

This is a huge time saver and money saver as well for me and for my company as it is very powerful and entuitive tool that is literally point and click operation a real newbie tool with “ala guru” result… 🙂 Want some sample? See this Online Home Business Opportunities

As to the price of this software, it is very surprising that the only selling it for $49.95 (the Home & Educationl Version) and $129.95 for the standard edition. This must be very low price point in proportion with what this tool can do. Honestly, I’m prepared to shell out at least a grand for this kind of software fortunately I’ve got it for only $130 🙂 Click Here To See The Pricing.

One thing that I don’t like though is that, they are only giving 1 year free update and you have to pay a certain amount for the succeeding years just in case you want to update the software but it is just an option. There’s no recurring or on going fees or whatsoever though just the product price one time payment and the rest are optional.

Hold on, before you shell out any money always always to test drive the software before buying… I would recommend you to download first the evaluation version about 50MB and test it and if you already satisfied buy it and use it…

Download the Evaluation Version Here.

That’s it hope that you’ll like it. 🙂

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