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Take the World’s First “Digital Marketing Simulator” for a Spin!

Amazing Planning & Forecasting Tool For Digital Marketers

Internet Marketing pioneer, John Reese, has just ‘pulled back the curtain’ and finally revealed what he was been ‘secretly’ developing with his team for the past TWO YEARS…
It’s called GERU and it’s an interactive planning, forecasting, modeling, and Digital Marketing “simulator.” Ever wonder “What To Do Next” to grow your business?
GERU will quickly & easily help you figure out exactly what to do…
This is a MUST HAVE tool for any serious Digital Entrepreneur.
You can ‘simulate’ anything you can possibly dream of and GERU will automatically calculate your potential EPCs, Lifetime Customer Value, Profit/Revenue (by day, week, month, and year), and more! You can quickly ‘play’ around with different Opt-in Rates, Conversion Rates, Product Costs, Stick Rates, Payment Plans, Traffic Costs, Expenses,
and more!

Create a ‘Virtual Model’ of ANY of the following:

  • Funnels (frontends, upsells, OTOs, backends)
  • Opt-in Lead Magnets
  • Webinar Campaigns
  • Product Launches
  • Membership Sites
  • InfoProducts
  • Physical Products
  • Coaching Programs
  • Agency Businesses
  • Software & SAAS Products
  • Supplements
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Book Offers
  • And Many More!
You can use GERU to model a brand new business idea you may have, or you can model your existing business and GERU will *show you* the fastest way to generate more profits through optimization.  (Incredibly valuable!)

But GERU does so much more…

  • Auto-generates a “To Do List” of action items based on the model you create to tell you what steps you need to take to MAKE IT REAL.
  • “Dream Income Goal” process that will actually REVERSE ENGINEER any model you create based on how much you want to make — it will then tell you exactly how much daily traffic you need and how the sales, profit, opt-ins, expenses, and traffic will all breakdown by Day, Week, Month, Year and more!
  • Contains a built-in “Blueprint Library” of example, proven online business models; showing you sample Expenses, Product Funnels, Traffic Campaigns, and more!
  • “Profit Finder” interactive report that ranks and SHOWS YOU what to optimize (and in what order) to generate the fastest increase in your profits!
  • And much, much more!


GERU is also the *ultimate* tool for consultants.  You can even brand the software with YOUR LOGO and then generate beautiful PDF reports for your clients.
You have to see GERU in action to see all the amazing things it can do to help you grow your business…

Click Here To Watch A Quick ‘Video Tour’ of GERU

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Precision Facebook Ad Creation Software – A MUST-HAVE Tool!


Facebook Marketing Ultimate Tool

Social Ad Maker is an enhanced version of FB Ad Maker that we did back in August, 2013. That version sold over 3,000 FE copies and did over $65k in revenue.

Watch The Case Study Below of One Of Social Ad Maker’s User.

Read The Full Description Here >>

This time, they have gone MANY steps further and created a more comprehensive solution that not only allows you to create permutations of ads, but also create MULTIPLE ads – using one of the most advanced image editor you would ever see.

  • A Facebook Ad Software that gives you professional level marketing power and is as simple as cashing checks.
  • Effortlessly create new Facebook ads in minutes that took like they cost hundreds of dollars to create.
  • Social Ad Maker gives you the “hands-on-ad-building-power” you’ve been looking for to create, compare and test multiple ads quickly with professionally designed look and does it with minimum of fuss.

The web based ad creation software works on Mac’s and Windows PCs and is accessible in any popular browser so you can create, tweak and launch ads even if you are away from your computer.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll have the option to create right hand side ads and/or Newsfeed ads.

All you need to do is to input the campaign name, objective, headlines, texts and add an image and system will generate multiple ads, up to 100 ads per day!


But that’s not all.

You can also instantly export your new ad directly to Facebook and update it right inside Facebook.

The software also built with “smart intelligence” to let you know the current Facebook ads requirements such as character limit and image dimensions to be sure your ads comply before you import them.

You’ll be blown away by all the must-have custom features built-right-in to this software. Once you try it you too will swear, it’s a rock solid, can’t be beat Social Ad Making Dynamo.

With the like building and money-sucking power of Social Ad Maker at your fingertips you can quickly create, customize and import your own ads and images to customize ads.

Read The Full Description Here >>


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