Healthy Snacks With Plenty Of Spice

Do you folks remember the old nursery rhyme? It goes along the lines of sugar and spice, and all things nice. See how it rhymes? Sweet. Or tangy. Or hot, if you prefer. And that’s your consumer’s choice speaking to you.

Apparently, it was always the girls that liked the sugar and spice, and all those nice things. And it was the boys that had a taste for the horrid, you know, chunks of meat, and not that there’s anything wrong with the protein, just as long as you leave out the chunks of fat if you please. Asian snacks, on the other hand, offer welcome choices for those of you who want to go vegetarian. Or strictly vegan, if you please.

It’s a little challenging to pull off, but if you work with the nuts, you’ll know you’re getting your fair share of the protein, and there’s absolutely no animal oils that you need to worry about.

All this talk about food. Spicy food, and the sweet treats. So, is your stomach talking to you right about now? Anyhow, asian snacks do offer you a neat combo of sugar and spice. A fair and equitable share of ingredients, a good variety. And they say that variety is the spice of life. So, there you go then. You would have been spot on in perceiving that there is more focus on the spices, because that’s what the Asian folks are world renowned for.

asian snacks

But little did you know perhaps, that they do know a thing or two about preparing sweet treats and sweet meats – vegans can look away for now – especial around festival time, and boy, they do have plenty of those, don’t they. All in all, healthy snacks with plenty of spice.