Ad Management Plugin – Sell Ad Space On Your Blogs in Autopilot with WP Ads Manager

Ad Management Automation Solution

If you have high traffic blogs chances are you’ve been already contacted several times by other people wanting to place an ad on your site. Or probably you have already ads running but it’s already over due because you are not sure if those ads are expired or not.

You see, I’ve been on that situation where I can’t keep track ad placements expiration because I don’t have a system to automate the process, it’s just too time consuming to list them on my spreadsheet.

So, I decided to build a system to handle all my ads and automate the processes all the way even I’m sleeping.

Introducing… WP Ads Manager

WP Ads Manager is the one and only standalone self-service WordPress advertising platform that can handle unlimited number of advertising and unlimited number of advertisers all in Autopilot.

Take a look at the few list of powerful features of WP Ads Manager below.

You Have Full Control Over the Ad Placements On Your Blog.

You Can Sell Unlimited Advertising on Your Blog on Autopilot.

Also included in the administration center is the ability to set advertisement layouts. Every commercially-accepted size is included in WordPress Ads Manager, such as 468×60, 300×250, and so on. Aside from selling advertising space on your blog, WP Ads Manager is also fully compatible with popular advertising networks such as Kontera, AdBrite, Google Adsense etc. You can even use Amazon ads with this wonderful software.

Powerful Advertisements Tracking and Reporting System.

You Can Setup the Payment Either One Time Or Recurring

Not only do you have complete control over the appearance and timing of the advertisement, but you also have a fully-fledged statistics panel to see which adverts are garnering the most clicks and views. WP Ads Manager gives you the option to set your own price and to which size of ad that it correlates to. As your blog grows and gains more traffic, you can continue to adjust the price of advertising to match the growth. You can charge them one time fee, weekly, monthly etc.

Automatically Collect Credit Card Payments Through PayPal.

Advertiser Has Their Own Admin Panel to Manage Their Own Ads.

WP Ads Manager is fully integrated with the most popular payment system called Paypal. You can accept payments securely from various credit cards. You simply just approve and reject offers. It is as hands-free as you can get! Once a potential advertiser decides to do business with you, you can call the shots dealing with payment type and advertising size.

Though, it is vitally important to note that the backend for the advertiser is extremely powerful, too. So, what all can the user control through the backend?

  • The user has the ability to upload and delete banners and advertisements
  • The user has the ability to choose from various banner sizes for their ad
  • The user has the ability to choose the number of views their ads will receive along with allowing to become automatically disabled once the determined amount of views is reached
  • The user has the ability to specify which spot on the blog they would like their advertisement to appear
  • The user has the ability to choose the advertising length, such as 7 days or 30 days. Additionally, you can set differing prices for each length and the user can choose the option which best reflects their needs
  • The user has the ability to setup a one-time payment advertisement or to pick a recurring payment option so that their advertisement renews automatically
  • The user has a powerful statistics backend that gives them the ability to view the CTRs and views of their ads. Additionally, they’ll be able to see the geographic data, and information pertaining to the top hours and days for their advertisements
  • Finally, the user will be able to pause and delete advertisement, updated personal details in their user profile, and register for free to see all of your advertising options

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